Macular Degeneration Awareness Week – 22nd – 28th May 2016

Did you know that the no.1 cause of preventable vision loss is not having a regular eye exam?

Macular Degeneration Awareness Week, 22 – 28 May, places the spotlight on the leading cause of blindness in Australia. Symptoms for preventable vision loss can be invisible. It is important, especially during this week, to have your eyes and those of your loved ones examined.

We recommend a 360° comprehensive eye consultation for our patients every 2 years and every 12 months for those over 65. We haven’t seen you for over 3 years and recommend you have your vision and eye health examined for peace of mind.

We care about your current and future eye health so we would like to offer you a complimentary OCT scan, valued at $XXX, often likened to an MRI of the eye allowing us to view 3D, cross-sectional images of your eye aiding in the early detection of many eye diseases.

Book your 360° comprehensive eye consultation and complimentary OCT scan by 28th May.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

The Eyecare team x

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