This year world sight day falls on the 14th October, it is our responsibility to look after our eyes, to #loveyoureyes.

This Global Challenge is to put a spotlight on eye health. We will be reaching out to everyone from New York to New Zealand, Togo to Tanzania and so much further. The simple message to spread is to #loveyoureyes, give them the time of day and attention they so willingly deserve.

Eyecare Centre Carine always preaches awareness to initiate preliminary action in order to prevent future eye health issues. Our optometrist Lily is very thorough in explaining and educating our clients about management care plans and helping them understand that your eyes are such a vital part of your body they should always be shown the proper care. Not just once, but every day.

The Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre in China have provided screening tests to over 200 community health centres. Their goal for #worldsightday is to provide over 400,000 tests today!

Shaun Tatipata and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness First Nations Interest Group, are campaigning eye health needs of First Nations and Indigenous people today and everyday. "We are addressing the barriers that prevent access to eye care for our community. By improving the coordination of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at risk of irreversible vision loss, we can improve the eye health outcomes for our mob. So, #loveyoureyes you mob, and get your eyes checked!" - Shaun Tatipata, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner

"At Novartis we're excited to be part of the solution to try and decrease visual impairment and the burden this places on individuals and society around the globe" - Jill Hopkins, Senior Vice President and Global Development Head for Ophthalmology

Help us reach 1 million eye tests for #worldsightday, book in now!

Support and learn more at www.iapb.org/world-sight-day/

Join us to pledge to #loveyoureyes bit.ly/WSDPledge

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